“We were all born in an olive grove.”


- Our company -


Our family, Melissakis Family, is active in the olive oil sector since 1890’s, and situated in the area of Tsivaras, Apokoronas in the east part of Chania. Continuous investment in quality of product and services, advancing cultivating methods and promoting olive oil production led to the formation of a partnership company in 1961.

Our first facility was located inside the village of Tsivaras, in the northwest part of Apokoronas, a historical province of Chania, Crete. It was a cold-pressing mill, consisting of millstones, hydraulic presses and olive oil separators. At the of the 80’s, all pressing systems were replaced by a then state of the art extraction plant.

In 2008, after almost 50 years of growing experience in olive oil processing, we moved to our new facility in the outskirts of our village of Tsivaras, in a 10500 m2 area. At the same time, we installed a small bottling line to help us keep up with the increasing demand for highest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil.

In 2017, we upgraded both olive mill and bottling capacities. The current bottling capacity is 6,000 to 8,000 lt/day, and a storage capacity of 500,000 lt.


Our facility is always open to public. In the harvesting season, you can watch the whole cold extraction process. But even if you visit us sometime after that, you can still take a tour in our plant and try our cold extracted, P.D.O. Apokoronas Extra virgin Olive oil.


- Our certifications - 


We have always used the best of certification methods: Respect.

Respect the environment, people who trust us their daily labor, people who walk in to learn about good olive oil and so many other examples.

But modern times require something more formal. So, we have already integrated many certifications into our everyday routine. From the very start, the olive grove, down to last block of the food chain there are strict certifications which help you:

  • The professional farmer, who seeks the best though innovation and use of modern technologies.
  • The small farmer, who wants an excellent product for its family.
  • The consumer, not so familiar with all this hype about olive oil, to understand what and how to buy.
  • The olive oil enthusiast who seeks a unique, local and wonderful product.

Our certifications include:

  • HACCP under ISO 22000:2018 food safety system
  • Designation of origin under E.U. P.D.O. status
  • Organic Certification under E.U. reg. 834/2007 certified by DIO
  • 100% Greek product according to E.U. reg. 2815/98


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